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Rourk by Julia Crane

Rourk By Julia Crane is now for sale!

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My Review:

Rourk by Julia Crane is a novella length book. It is a continuation of Keegan's Chronicles, and I would recommmend reading the books in order, although you can enjoy this story if it is read without the series. The first book in the series is Coexist, followed by Conflicted and Consumed. Keegan's Chronicles is also packaged in one book on Amazon. There are two books that follow the stories of Keegan's friends - Lauren, and Anna. Keegan and Rourk are Elfin soul mates. Rourk's story occurs shortly after their marriage. Rourk has joined the US Army and is deployed to Afghanistan. While on a mission, he encounters an evil Djinn. The Djinn flees from Rourk vowing revenge. There are so many emotions that this book calls forth from the reader. The story deals with marriage, soldiers off fighting war, love and loss.  Be prepared to cry (I did). I really hate to give spoilers in a review and this story is very hard to describe without giving away the plot.  The world building is interesting and will leave paranormal fans wishing for more. Romance fans will not be disappointed by the love affair. There is suspense and drama. Julia did a great job of describing the emotions and details of a deployment for the family and the soldier. Rourk really is a great story. I did wish that the story was a full novel length because I was sad to reach the end. There are other characters in the book that are begging to have a book of their own, so I hope to see more of the Keegan stories in the future.


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Winter Fire Release and Giveaway

Winter Fire by Lizzy Ford Book Tour and Giveaway - Book Tour by B3 Tours

Synopsis: With a Dark witching seeking revenge against him, Beck, the eighteen-year-old Master of Light, must find a way to protect those he loves, the witchlings - and his heart. His duty is further complicated by Morgan, a beautiful Fire witching with a secret that threatens to destroy the progress he's made protecting the Light. This is the third book in the bestselling Witchling Series.
"Dark Summer," the first book in the series, is currently rated as the #1 Top Rated Teen Romance on Amazon.

My Review: Winter Fire is a YA paranormal romance, but adults fans of paranormal will find plenty of reasons to become a fan of the Witchlings Series. This is Book 3, and while it is not necessary to read the first three books, I would recommend reading the series in order. Book 1 is Dark Summer, and Book 2 is Autumn Storm. Winter Fire has my favorite characters - the twins Decker and Beck, Summer and Sam, along with interesting new characters. Why do I love the Witchling Series? There is magic which is both light and dark, but Lizzy Ford deals with the shades of grey. The light magic is not all good, and the dark magic can be good. Like life the distinction is not black and white. The stories are not the typical teen romance. The characters deal with issues like teen pregnancy, and happily ever after is not a guarantee. The are lots of suspenseful moments, with romance as soul mates struggle to overcome the obstacles separating them. I look forward to more books in this series.

Giveaway: I am giving away an ebook copy of Winter Fire along with a custom beaded bookmark. To enter join my blog as GFC (button on right side of this blog) and leave a comment with your email so that I can contact you if you win. Winner will be selected by after contest ends on Wednesday June 26 at midnight EST.

Author Bio: Lizzy Ford is the author of over seventeen novels written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling Rhyn Trilogy, Witchling Trilogy and the War of Gods series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring. In late March 2012, “Damian’s Oracle” (Book I, War of Gods) was featured in USA Today, an indication that Lizzy’s career is just starting to take off! In November 2012, Lizzy signed with Margery Walshaw of Evatopia, a literary management and production firm representing writers and their books to TV/movie studios in Hollywood.

Lizzy’s social media links: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Wattpad Goodreads LinkedIn

Series by Lizzy Ford-

Witchling Trilogy:
Dark Summer (Book 1)
Autumn Storm (Book 2)
Winter Fire (Book 3)

Rhyn Trilogy:
Katie’s Hellion (Book 1)
Katies Hope (Book 2)
Rhyn’s Redemption (Book 3)

Rhyn Eternal:
Gabriel’s Hope (Book 1)

War of Gods:
Damian's Oracle (War of Gods 1)
Damian’s Assassin (War of Gods 2)
Damian’s Immortal (War of Gods 3)
The Grey God (War of Gods 4)

Damian’s Eternal:
Xander’s Chance

Foretold Trilogy:
Elle’s Journey (Book 1)

Incubatti Series:
Zoey Rogue (Book 1)

Single Titles by Lizzy Ford:
Rebel Heart
Kiera’s Moon
A Demon’s Desire
Maddy’s Oasis
The Warlord’s Secret

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I'll Be Damned Book Tour


I’ll Be Damned Anna Wolfe Series Book One by Casey Keen

 Genre: Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1483974774, ASIN: B00C0UM3HG, Number of pages: 400, Word Count: 114,426, Cover Artist: Jenna DeVries, Graphic Designer

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 Book Description:

A sister kidnapped. An impending war between Heaven and Hell looming around the corner. A Grand Witch who has no idea what she is. The Prince of Darkness’s obsession in claiming her. Two sinfully gorgeous men pulling her in two different directions.

As the owner of the coffee shop Deja Brew in Savannah, Georgia, Anna thought her life was ordinary. That is until her sister is kidnapped by a demon, prompting two handsome men to march into her life unexpectedly. Valen, the sinfully gorgeous, overprotective werewolf who is Anna’s sworn guardian and Roman, the most handsome and powerful Warlock in the entire Netherworld.

Suddenly, her world is stripped of everything she knows and replaced with frightening news about who she really is - a powerful Grand Witch. Now, it’s up to her to draw out her dormant magic, rescue her sister and stop an impending heavenly war threatening to eradicate the human race all while staying alive.

My Review:
One look at the cover and I was hooked. This book looked like a fun read. One chapter into the book and I was a Casey Keen fan. Anna, is the owner of a coffee shop Deja Brew in Savannah, GA. Still recovering from a failed relationship, she discovers that her selfish younger sister, a bridezilla, is planning the wedding in Anna's hometown. Her older sister reveals that her once stable marriage is over and plans to stay with Anna. The family dynamics are realistic and humorous. Once Anna's sister is kidnapped by a demon all hell breaks loose. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly suggest you give it a try. If you like paranormal romance, especially the style of Rose Pressey, or H.P. Mallory you will enjoy this book. I can't wait to read Casey Keen's next book.

Book Trailer


It happens practically every night. My pleasant dreams take on a life of their own, morphing into terrifying nightmares. They are the tsunamis of the dream ocean, spinning me in their churning tides before thrusting me awake, whereupon I find myself drenched in a pool of sweat, and gasping for air. Abandoning my worry isn’t an option since a demonic element is the driving force behind them. It sounds crazy, but even as a child, a special darkness visited me in my dreams. Is it a warning? Or a threat? Your guess is as good as mine.
They always began the exact same way - I'm being hurled into a pitch-black hole of nothingness. I open my sleepy eyes, allowing them time to adjust. Isolation surrounds me, reminding me how unprepared I am for this place. A dim, orange light cuts through the dark abyss like a blade. I squint, realizing it’s much further than it appears. I attempt to move my feet, but they stubbornly refuse. I try a second time, and manage to overcome the terror that is binding them. One step becomes two and I find myself walking at a cautious pace, listening for the faintest sound. I haven’t the slightest idea where I am, which makes me suspicious of everything. My nose wrinkles as I walk through a large pocket of air that reeks with an overpowering odor of burnt hair. I swing and wave my hands, hoping to break up the stench, but to no avail. What could be the source of such a rank smell? I’m not sure I want to know the answer. I quickly push the thought away. Curiosity can be dangerous when it comes between reality and panic.
I tread delicately, hoping no one hears me. I don’t think I'm alone, and I find some comfort in the darkness. Whatever is with me is out of my sight, and therefore, out of my mind. I never thought I would find a cliché so helpful to me until now. I wrap my thoughts around it, mustering up the courage to carry on. The orange light grows, compelling me to pick up my pace. I glance at my surroundings, unsure of what I might find. The curved, dank walls and concrete blocks beneath my feet are bare, but fortunately, no revolting creatures dangle from the ceiling or slither past my feet, although I am thinking of them! Where the hell am I? Dreams have a funny way of camouflaging life’s problems, but this is ridiculous!
A glint of light from the ashen wall catches my eye. I step closer to it, noticing how the curved cobbles gently mold my feet to their shapes. Small, rectangular stones that suggest their age goes well beyond the medieval era are arrayed in front of me. A dense tackiness catches the small granules of little dust motes that are reflected by the light here. Some kind of liquid begins to seep from one of the cracks in the stones, and I lower my head to inspect it. The crimson liquid slides sluggishly, like a snail, towards the ground. Leaning closer, I realize I’m staring at blood, and I gasp, jumping backwards. My heart thuds loudly in my chest as my adrenaline speeds through my veins like a racecar. My eyes skip around, noticing thousands of little red capillaries materializing all over the wall. An overwhelming paranoia that the tunnel will cave in torments my mind. I turn and dash towards the light, fueled by my distress. My lungs scream for air as I push myself further and faster than ever.
The orange light surrounds a large opening. Skidding to a stop, I barely avoid falling over the ledge at the cave’s entrance. I stare out at a fiery, scarlet landscape that appears infinite, and sends me a menacing warning. I lean forward when a wall of intense heat slugs me in the face, forcing me backwards a few inches. The air is dense, and it’s hard to catch my breath. Sweat beads on my brow, evaporating before I can wipe it away. I scan the ravaged scenery, watching pillars of fire erupt from the ground before disappearing into the onyx sky, rimmed in red. A chain of mountains with jagged cliffs, emerge straight up from the bloodshot dirt. Floating objects I don’t wish to know about, travel in an orbit, weaving in and out through the rough terrain. I’m in a completely different world. My terror lingers, refusing to go away. A raging river of lava slices through the valley, determined to leave its own mark in the middle of this inferno. I stroll down a steep trail that leads directly to the unusual river. I stop long before reaching its banks, and gradually inch my way closer. My eyes drift over to the whirling mass of disturbing beauty. Deep shades of red and orange mesh with each other, creating a horrid kaleidoscope of angry colors. Flashes of distorted images of my family and friends bob in and out of the blazing lava. I watch in horror as the greedy river of fire consumes them without remorse. Despite my attempts to reach in, my hand snaps back after feeling the agonizing heat. I step backwards, staring in numb bewilderment. I know I’m dreaming, but it doesn’t lessen my anxiety. My back slams into something solid and unyielding. Long, crooked fingers wrap around the tops of my tiny shoulders like spiders. Suffering and emptiness engulf me. My heart pounds like a hammer as my limbs melt into rubber. The hands squeeze me hard, sending excruciating pain throughout my entire back. The snapping of my shoulders, cracking like glass, shatters the unbearable stillness.

 About the Author:
I was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in the suburban outskirts of this amazing city. I love anything paranormal and/or supernatural - seriously I live in Philadelphia! For those of you who don’t know, this city is an awesomely haunted place! This healthy paranormal addiction has provided me the motivation to write my first book, “I’ll Be Damned.”

I graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and I'm currently working on the Anna Wolfe Series.






Yours Affectionately Jane Austen

Yours Affectionately tour
Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen
Was Mr. Darcy real? Is time travel really possible? For pragmatic Manhattan artist Eliza Knight the answer to both questions is absolutely, Yes! And Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley Farms, Virginia is the reason why!
His tale of love and romance in Regency England leaves Eliza in no doubt that Fitz Darcy is the embodiment of Jane Austen’s legendary hero. And she’s falling in love with him. But can the man who loved the inimitable Jane Austen ever love average, ordinary Eliza Knight?
Eliza’s doubts grow, perhaps out of proportion, when things start to happen in the quiet hamlet of Chawton, England; events that could change everything. Will the beloved author become the wedge that divides Fitz and Eliza or the tie that binds them?
Praise for Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen
O’Rourke creates a world that defies cynicism and demands suspension of disbelief – even in this age of doubt and hyper-realism. Sheer escapism at its best. Clever, charming and affectionate. ~Jocelyn Bury …the reader must tenaciously read on rather than put the book down to satisfy their hunger for the story to resolve, which it does in characteristically Jane Austen fashion. ~Erin Murdock
In Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen, author Sally Smith O’Rourke creates a compelling story that investigates what and who might have inspired Jane Austen. While the story line is certainly far-fetched, it is a truly unique idea, one that captivated this reader until the very last page. ~Meg Massey

My Review

I am a big Jane Austen fan, so I was very excited to read this book. I was not sure how the time travel aspect would appeal to me but I could not pass up a chance to read more about my favorite literary couple. Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen was the first book written by Sally Smith O'Rouke that I have read. I did enjoy the story and found the book well written. The time travel was handled well and this is a fiction book, so I was able to enjoy the fantasy. I was a bit confused at times by sections that mentioned an event in the past. After reading, I discovered that there was a first book 'The Man Who Loved Jane Austen'. I would highly recommend reading this book first. This being said, I still enjoyed the read and look forward to reading more from this author.
Audio Book Excerpt

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Author Sally Smith O'Rourke Sally Smith O’Rourke is a surgical scrub nurse at the City of Hope national cancer research hospital in Duarte, California and resides in the near-by Victorian village of Monrovia. With her late husband, author Michael O’Rourke (aka F.M. O’Rourke) Smith O’Rourke owned and operated a medical advertising company where she used her diverse talents to produce and co-write teaching films and videos. Working not only with major medical and surgical manufacturing companies but also network television. These endeavors ultimately led to a collaboration on two feature films (direct to video) and three published novels. The wife and husband writing team of Sally Smith and Michael O’Rourke, being long-time fans of Jane Austen, wrote The Man Who Loved Jane Austen released by Kensington Books in 2006. Kensington followed that very successful effort with The Maidenstone Lighthouse in 2007 and Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage in 2009, both also collaborative projects by Smith and O’Rourke. Published after her partner and spouse’s untimely death in 2001, the publisher chose not to use the names Michael O’Rourke and Sally Smith (as the manuscripts were presented), releasing all three books under Sally Smith O’Rourke. Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen is Sally Smith O’Rourke’s first solo novel.
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