Thursday, January 31, 2013

GIVEAWAY! Moonstone by Marilee Brothers

BLURB: A sickly mom. A crummy travel trailer. High school bullies and snarky drama queens. Bad guys with charming smiles. Allie has problems. And then there’s that whole thing about fulfilling a magical prophecy and saving the world from evil. Welcome to the funny, sad, sometimes scary world of fifteen year old Allie Emerson, who’s struggling to keep her act together (not to mention her mom’s) in the small town world of Peacock Fats, Washington. A zap from an electrical fence set off Allie’s weird psychic powers. The next thing she knows, she’s being visited by a hippy dippy guardian angel, and then her mysterious neighbor, the town “witch,” gives her an incredible moonstone pendant that has powers only a “Star Seeker’ is meant to command. “Who, me?” is Allie’s first reaction. But as sinister events begin to unfold, Allie realizes she’s got a destiny far bigger than she ever imagined. If she can just survive everyday life, in the meantime.

EXERPT: As I approached Kizzy’s house, I felt my heart beat a little faster. The house can barely be seen from the road. It’s hidden behind a humungous hedge that runs all the way around her property. The only way to get in is through the iron gate set in middle of the hedge. I never approached the gate straight on. I cut over to the hedge and sneaked up on it because of the eye. The gate had this spooky eye painted on it. Swear to God, no matter how hard I tried to avoid the eye, it watched me, its glaring black pupil tracking my every move. A falcon’s eye, Kizzy told me, a symbol used to ward off evil. In spite of what Cory says, Kizzy was not a witch. She was a Romany gypsy and apparently there’s a difference. Who knew? With an involuntary shiver, I averted my gaze, slipped through the gate and trotted down the walk toward the hulking two-story house. The porch with its overhanging roof wrapped all the way around both sides of the house. A veranda Kizzy called it. “Alfrieda, you’re here!” Kizzy stood at the top of the stairs and held out her arms. She was the only person who called me by my hideous real name. Thanks to Claude, Faye’s dad, I was given the name Alfrieda Carlotta Emerson. Faye ran away from home at seventeen. A year later, stuck in the hospital with a baby she didn’t want (me) and no visible means of support, she struck a deal with Claude. In exchange for paying the hospital bill, he got to name me after his beloved, long-dead mother, Alfrieda Carlotta Emerson the First. “Hey, Kizzy!” I slipped off my back pack and stepped into her embrace. She smelled of incense, lavender and Virginia Slims. Not that I’m a fashion expert but Kizzy always looked like she was dressed for a photo shoot in case a photographer from Vogue Magazine was hanging around Peacock Flats. Today, she wore a silk turquoise dress the same color as her eyes. Her long, dark braid, sprinkled with gray, was draped over one shoulder. Three silver bangle bracelets encircled each wrist. Silver hoops hung from her ears. She’d replaced the rune stone she usually wore around her neck with a pale blue gemstone in an ornate silver setting. The stone was the size of a large marble. A shimmer of light danced on its surface. Strangely, I felt a strong need to reach out, touch it, hold it in my hand and stroke its glistening surface. I clasped my hands together tightly to resist the urge. Kizzy studied my face then gently touched the mark in the middle of my forehead with a manicured fingernail. “Ah, I see the third eye has awakened. Come. Sit” She led me to the porch swing. Okay, sometimes Kizzy creeped me out. Wasn’t it bad enough I lived in a travel trailer and wore clothes from a thrift shop? I mean, nothing screams “loser” like a third eye popping out in the middle of your forehead. I rolled my eyes in disgust. “Should I start wearing bangs?” Kizzy’s tinkling laughter reassured me. “It’s not a real eye, Alfrieda. The third eye is located deep within the brain. It’s called the seat of the soul, the link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Tell me everything.”

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seduced by Innocence By Kimberly Kinrade


Seduction comes in many forms.
Liquid fire poured into me, filling me with the intimate sense of him as he leaned in to claim my lips with his own. I reached for him, needing him closer, but my arms couldn't close the distance between us, which grew wider with each hitched breath. So close to finally feeling something real, something carnal and deep, I cried out in frustration, dropping my hands as he disappeared. My cries deepened into a frenzy of panic and my eyes flew open. I clutched my blanket and stilled myself to calm my racing heart.
Just a dream. always just a dream.
Rose Wintersong didn't have an ordinary upbringing. Raised in what most would call a hippy commune, but what was actually a powerful coven of witches, she never questions the life fate chose for her.
Until she meets Derek O'Connor.
Derek challenges everything Rose believes and forces her to see the secrets hidden beneath the whitewashed walls of her idyllic country life.
Rose knows she should walk away, the sexy martial arts instructor is bad news bred to create discord in her tight community...but the magnetism between them is impossible to fight.
Caught between the passion of first love, and the steady beat of the life she's always known, Rose must choose between the innocence of her youth or the pleasures of womanhood-but lost innocence comes at a price, and Rose harbors a dark secret that could destroy everyone she loves--including Derek.
Submit to the Seduced Saga as Derek and Rose face their future while unraveling the mysteries of their past.

Kimberly Kinrade will be giving away a custom made rose pendant based on the book cover, if she gets 1,000 adds on Goodreads before Sunday.

Author Bio- Kimberly Kinrade
Kimberly was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for all ages and still believes in magic worlds. check out her YA paranormal series The Forbidden Trilogy (reviewed on this blog), her lower grade fantasy The Three Lost kids, and watch for her New Adult romance and fantasy books coming in 2013 including The Seduced Saga, Sunrise and Nightfall, Death by Destiny and The Fallen Trilogy and her next YA fantasy adventure, The Reluctant Familiar. You can find her books on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads among other fine retailers.
When she's not writing, she runs Daring Books Design & Marketing with her husband, Dmytry Karpov, where they help authors with all manner of marketing, editing, and design needs until such a time that their three brillant children take over for them.
She lives with her three girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers, her two cats who think they're gods (and probably are), her two dogs who think they're humans and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.
Twitter: @KimberlyKinrade
Facebook: /KimberlyKinrade
Amazon: htttp://
If you're an author looking for help in marketing, editing, design or self publishing, check out

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February, 14, 2013 Seduced by Power
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wisteria By Bisi Leyton

I am very pleased to be joining "I Am A Reader Not A Writer" Book Blog Tours. Thanks, Kathy!


Sixteen year old Wisteria Kuti has two options—track the infected around the Isle of Smythe or leave the only known safe haven and face a world infested with flesh eating biters. But even with well-armed trackers, things go wrong and Wisteria ends up alone facing certain death, until she is rescued by the mysterious Bach. Uninfected, Bach is able to survive among the hordes of living dead.

Eighteen year old Bach, from a race known as The Family, has no interest in human affairs. He was sent here to complete his Great Walk and return home as a man—as a Sen Son. The Family regard humans as Dirt People, but Bach is drawn to this Terran girl, whom he has never seen before, but somehow knows.

Hunted by flesh eaters, cannibals, and the mysterious blood thirsty group called Red Phoenix, Wisteria and Bach make their way back to the Isle of Smythe, a community built on secrets and lies.


I was given a free copy of this book to review giving my honest opinion. Bisi Leyton's world building in Wysteria, shows a great deal of creativity. The cover is what initially drew my interest. I had no idea what to expect.
Wysteria is a 16 year old trying to survive in a world where humans infected with the Nero virus are changed into zombies that they call 'biters'. Wisteria, her mother, and brother spent weeks fighting their way to the relative safety of the Isle of Smythe. The world is a very unsafe place where children must grow up fast to survive. A group of soldiers led by Major Coles, and a council of citizens keep the island under martial law. Anyone breaking the rules can be expelled from the safety of the island to the town where biters roam. Many dream of finding a place of civilization where they can go, but over time their hopes dim.
Wisteria copes with her fear by volunteering to hunt for supplies and observe the movements of the biters in the town of Norton which is outside the walls of the island. Injured on a patrol, Wisteria  passes out from the pain and wakes to find she has been rescued by a mysterious teenager named Bach. He has taken Wisteria to his secluded penthouse in London. Wisteria fears that Bach and his friends Felip and Enric are preying on other humans to survive.
When Bach and Wisteria survive an attack from a military group called The Red Phoenix, they must look foor a safe haven. Their journey is dangerous, with graphic violence and scenes that some YA readers might find disturbing.  Before Wisteria and Bach can work out their differences, they must uncover the secrets that explain the stange connection they both feel for one another. If you are a fan of YA paranormal/fantasy, and willing to read about zombies give this book a try. It is more than a traditional Zombie tale. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that in the midst of a dark tale, there are some lighter moments, and interesting characters.
Bisi Leyton has a novella available called Paranoia.

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Author Bio-

Bisi Leyton was born in East London in 1978. She grew up in London, Nigeria and the States, listening to the stories of life and love from her Aunts, Cousins and big Sisters.
She lives in London, but has worked around Europe including France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. She has a fondness for reading graphic novels, and


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Friday, January 4, 2013

Veiled Mist Book Tour

Veiled Mist by Eleanor T. Beaty


On the Caribbean island of Maurray, spoiled-rotten, fifteen-year-old Hanna wakes up to a nightmare. She is not the daughter of an aristocrat but the orphan of a Gypsy. She is the descendant to a mystical Gypsy tribe. Their magic is strong and has lasted six hundred years. Ornella, the tribe’s guardian, arrives at the island with her mutt, Count Dracula, to guide Hanna. Hanna is told she must embrace her heritage or die at the ripe age of seventeen. But Hanna does the unthinkable, she chooses death. She hates Gypsies and would rather die. What she doesn’t know is that her death will destroy the entire tribe. What she also doesn’t know is how persuasive Ornella can be. The nightmare begins.

Author Bio-

I am Brazilian born and raised, of American parents. I live in Sao Paulo with my third husband and children. I studied at the American school in Brazil, in boarding schools in Switzerland and the US. I have a BA in English Literature from FIU. I published a YA trilogy in Brazil and another YA novel in Turkey in 2001, now in its fifth edition. My passion is history and spiritualism. Besides Veiled Mist, I have another YA novel, Fallen Ruler, being released soon.
Online Links-


Veiled Mist is a fun, quirky YA paranormal adventure. Ms. Beaty is an Indie author I plan to follow. I look forward to her next book. Veiled Mist is suitable for both Adults and Young Adults. It is a fun adventure into the magical world of gypsies. The heroine finds out a few days before her birthday that she is not the daughter of a princess. Worse is the discovery that her mother was a gypsy, which will ruin Hanna's reputation at the exclusive private school she attends. This is a secret that cannot stay hidden. If her magical heritage is not embraced by her birthday she will die. Her grandmother has convinced her that being a gypsy is a fate worse than death. The characters are entertaining, especially the dog Count. The story is a fun read as Hanna learns a bit about how the ‘other half lives’, the meaning of love, and how to be a more caring person. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Veiled Mist

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